Beauty Week: Perfumed Pretties

Halston solid perfume Peretti designed bean pendant

Sometimes you wear a perfume. Other times you wear a perfume bottle. For example, I just won a vintage solid perfume pendant similar to the one pictured above (designed by Elsa Peretti for Halston before she inked her exclusive contract with Tiffany). I don’t know if my eBay purchase is authentic. Will have to wait and see when it arrives.

YSL Opium Perfume Pendant

I started hunting for perfume pendants on eBay after I found that Yves Saint Laurent Opium necklace. After all, most luxury brands have a fragrance or cosmetics sideline. And most of those sidelines produce accessories as gift with purchases. A lot of those gifts are kind of crap, but some manage to capture the spirit of the brand. And it is these pieces that I’m interested in. For example, the Halston perfume pendant is a precursor to the iconic Tiffany Bean. It’s a lot bigger and also, it’s a lot less expensive.

Cacharel PArfums Bird Necklace

I’m also including a picture of my Cacharel Parfums bird pendant, even though it never contained and scent. But again, it would have made a nice gift with purchase at the time. And what the heck, have another look at the bracelet Tiffany gave us when they launched their Trueste perfume in 1995.

Top image via 1st Dibs