Midweek Modness: Jorma Laine and Rafael Alfandary

Modernist Jorma Laine Necklace

Last Sunday’s Junction Flea was another success. A lot of my old jewels found good homes and some folks who bought things last time came back to tell me how much the loved them.

I also met some cool customers who let me take photos of their jewels for the blog. Pictured above is an amazing Jorma Laine necklace, worn by Samantha Howard of samanthahowardvintage.ca. Howard has an incredible selection of mid-century Scandinavian and Canadian jewellery in her online shop, but she also had a table at the flea and I tells ya, my heart was racing when I saw some of these pieces in person. I’m so thankful that Howard let me share this picture of her pendant.

Rafael Canada Ring

Another eye opener was this ginormous Rafael Canada Murano glass ring. I’ve never seen one so big before and the clear glass was so gorgeous — like an ice cube melting on a hot, humid day. It was worn by a lady who also bought my intaglio Minotaur bracelet. I bet she has amazing jewellery closet, too. Basically, it was an endless parade of awesomeness!