Beauty and The Beat: Men’s Corner Edition

Shaun Cassidy album cover

I was at the Value Village and it looked like somebody unloaded their collection of 1980s-era teen dream vinyl. While these fellows were never my cup of swoon, I found myself caught up in their non-threatening boy stares. And, because what goes around comes around, I was surprised at how these album covers didn’t look as cheesy and dated as I would have thought they would. I blame Nicholas Winding Refn’s movie Drive for bringing late ’70s to mid ’80s men’s styling back into the zeitgeist.

For example. Check out “Hardy Boys” heart throb Shaun Cassidy, pictured above. Like the doe-eyed Cassidy, I see lots of guys wearing ties again. Can feathered hair be that far behind?

al jarreau album cover

I remember Al Jarreau mostly from his starring role in SCTV’s remake of the “Jazz Singer.” In this pic, he has a sort of retro ’40s loose fitting shirt and trousers thing happening. I was going to tie it in to the whole WWII-era styling favoured by many men here in Little Hipsterville, but really, with a penetrating but understanding gaze like Jarreau’s, you could probably dress like Randy “Macho Man” Savage and still look stylish.

Paul Young album cover

Pretty boy Paul Young has glanced away from us for a second in this brooding cover image. Hus leather jacket and t-shirt combo is timeless. His tousled pompadour is very of the moment (although more for the ladies). I even see the goldy-looking chain thing coming back among the guys.

Rex Smith lp cover

I actually had a crush on Rex Smith for a nanosecond back in 1979. Mostly because he was the star of a TV movie about a 13-year-old girl who was in love with her guitar teacher. Or something like that. It was a long time ago.

At that time in my life all I wanted was to play guitar, so I loved this movie. But now, when I look at Smith’s fluffy hair and somewhat empty eyes, I can’t summon any of my pre-teen emotions. I like his shirt though. I would totally wear it.