Ring Week: Art Deco Carnelian and Marcasite Ring

art deco canelian and marcasite ring

I like beat up old things. As a child, I remember my grandmother telling me I could buy any stuffed animal that I wanted, and I chose a blue corduroy, sawdust filled donkey that was missing one of its glued on eyes. She went to get one that had both eyes, but I said I wanted old monocle — he was more interesting.

Now that I’ve dabbled some in collecting and selling vintage jewellery, I know that a piece with all of its components is worth substantially more than one that is missing stones or is otherwise damaged. But I still can’t resist thongs like this carnelian ring, even though half of its marcasites are absent or chipped.And forget about fixing it — resetting these tiny stones is a pain. Nope, I’ll just wear it as is. Shine on you shabby diamond!