Midweek Modness: Michaela Frey

Michaela Frey was an Austrian enamellist. She started her studio in the ’50s and the company continues today as Frey Wille. One of the things I like about mid-century modern studio jewellery is that despite its daring design and form, the artists preferred to work with older craft techniques. Frey (who died in 1980) was no exception. In fact, the enamelling technique that she developed is unique enough that the company manufactures for other companies, including Hermès. While Frey was alive, she also designed pieces for Yves Saint Laurent.

Below are two 1970s-era bracelets that I used to have. I found one at the Value Village and picked the other up for a song on eBay because the seller had mispelled the artists name. I still have a post 1980s ring.