Midweek Modness: Early Rafael Alfandary Bronze Bracelet

rafael Canada Bracelet 2

Part two of the big game hunting story.

On my way to the Leslieville Flea, I stopped off at the St. Lawrence Market. There is a vendor there who has had a Rafael Alfandary ring that I’d had my eye on. Feeling a little more flush with cash than usual, I decided to buy it. I got it for a song by Rafael standards, but it was still $4 over my $36 Thrift Club limit.

I continued to poke about. Digging through a pile of jewellery on one of the outside vendor’s tables, I spotted this little brass bracelet set with a swirly blue glass stone. I also noticed the distinctive Rafael “crack” in the bezel. I picked it up for closer inspection and there was the Rafael signature — albeit hand signed and not stamped. I picked it up for $5 (along with a copper Haida-style copper Raven pendant).

rafael signature

I put my new finds on to show them off to my vendor friends at the Leslieville Flea, Lucky Patina and Scandimania. Everyone agreed that the bracelet was most unusual but probably authentic — maybe an example of an early work? While I was at the Scandimania booth, we chatted with a collector named Rob who went to Alfandary’s estate sale back in 2005. It was held at Alfandary’s storied Manulife Centre apartment. Apparently Alfandary had quite the collection of everything and had built a loft in his bedroom to store it all. The best things were his collection of clocks. Now it will become my mission to see one these clocks.