Phillip Lim for Target Boom Dress

Phillip Lim Target Boom Dress

As I wrote yesterday, I skipped the whole Phillip Lim for Target Limsanity after my friend Daniel tweeted that everything had been picked clean from the shop. I went yesterday because I needed to stock up on underpinnings and cleaning supplies.

And guess what? They had two racks of The collaboration — including the Boom sweater dress from my Wish List! And in my size.
When I checked out, the cashier couldn’t believe that I’d found a piece. He was working on Sunday morning when the collection went on sale and he said that it was all gone in a half an hour. “They were scraping the racks,” he said. He mentioned the two that bought out most of the store broadly said they were going to mark it up 30 percent and sell it in their own shop.

I wonder what shop that would be?