Carry Ons

emerald Green eel Skin Hobo

Here’s how my mother used to organize her taxes. Every year, she’d buy a big purse. And over the next 12 months, she would shove all of her receipts, pay stubs and cheque books into it. Then, at the end of the year, she would retire the overflowing bag and buy a new one. The old satchel would then sit in her closet until she moved.

I fear that I have mother-like tendencies. While I was winnowing down my handbags, I found that they were full of random jewellery, old notebooks and empty antihistamine bottles. I would like to tell you that I sorted them all out in an organized manner, but I just consolidated all the junk into an even bigger bag.

Anyway, here are two cool purses that I’ll be bringing to the Vintage Crawl at Mrs. Huizenga’s tonight. Above, an emerald-green, eel skin hobo from Korea and a handmade, fringed buckskin bag (below). I also have a snake skin disco purse and a seal skin handbag, so come on down for your politically incorrect valise needs.

buckskin 1