Bathurst Walkabout

Window on Bathurst Street

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I made it my mission to visit a certain convenience store in the Annex to search for vintage Rafael jewellery. But I also wanted to explore the strip between Bloor and Dupont more. I’d been through on the bus a few times recently and it looked like there were some interesting shops popping up. Like the interior design store (that I forgot to note the name of) pictured above. Unfortunately it wasn’t open when I was there, but I really need to go back, note the name properly and learn more about the landscape that’s hanging above that dresser.

Spoon Bracelets

Here are the hand hammered spoon rings that I got at Stanley’s convenience store. I had to have them because a. Seagulls, and b. I had interviewed the author Lorraine Johnson on Thursday, and had been admiring a similar bracelet that she had. The owner told me that they were made in India and he bought them in the 1970s or 1980s. It’s good to know that vintage upcycled vintage exists.

Saturday Walkabout

Another reason I have to go back to DuPont and Bathurst is that I feel I need to possess these 1980s head-shaped vases. Alas the store wasn’t open (and it was so dusty that I’m not convinced it has ever been open). But I shall take my chances again one day.

Vintage Kodak Pony Camera and Venezuala Needlepoint

The cherry on the top of this delightful walkabout was that I hit a few, good old-fashioned yard sales along the way, were I picked up this colourful bird needlepoint for a mere 50 cents and a cool old Kodak Pony camera for a couple of bucks.