Makeup Tutorial

Now that I’m back to leaving the house for work, I’ve been wearing makeup again. Just wanted to share some of my more successful faces.

The photo pictured above was taken in the bathroom of the Hotel Christopher in Saint Barth. Please excuse the visible toilet paper, here I have applied my Cheekbone Beauty palette on the cheeks, eyes and eyebrows. I really love this palette because it applies so easily and the colours are versatile. But on the road, these products really shine—they did not sweat off my face even in the hot Caribbean sun and salt air. I also applied a coral coloured lip pencil from Yves Saint Laurent.

Here’s another look from my Cheekbone palette. We were going out for dinner and i opted for a brighter pink on my cheeks and a reddish eye shadow. I used the Cheekbone eyepencil in amethyst to define my eyes. And I just used a tinted Burt’s Bees balm for a lip colour.