Midweek Modness: N.E. From Lapis Ring

NE From Lapis Ring

One of my first amazing Scandinavian jewellery finds was a pair of cufflinks by Danish silversmith Neils Erik From. I’ve since been fortunate enough to find a few of his firms’ mid century rings — most recently this large lapis lazuli stone ring.It is signed FROM 925S as well as some other assay and date marks that I haven’t quite figured out. There are two distinct styles in From’s production history — he started selling floral-themed arts and crafts influenced pieces, then, in the 1960s, his jewellery became bolder and more modern (probably because it was the work of another designer. Perhaps the AD touchmark is the signature of the designer of this ring?

This setting seems to have been popular for From, as a Google image search yielded dozens of them (albeit with different gemstones) for sale. Ultimately it was the lapis that caught my eye— it is one of my favourite stones.