Resolutions Week: Clothes

H&M striped jersey dress

I picked up this striped jersey dress at H&M for $10 on Thursday. But in general, in 2014, I am going to try and reign in my magpie tendencies and cut down on the amount of stuff that I buy. Especially clothes.

There are garments that I need — bras, especially. But I’m going to try and save up and invest in good stuff instead of having a closetful of cheap but just okay clothing. After all, I spent the month of December downsizing the ol’ wardrobe. So here’s my plan.

1. I have a pair of pants which are pretty much perfect, but are getting threadbare. I am going to save up to have them copied. Maybe in different colours.


2. I’m going to have this jupe remade into a pencil skirt.

patterned skirt

3. And this coat from the Bay:

OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Wool Duffle Coat