Grab Bag

broken jewels

My last trip to the Value Village for 2013 yielded the first good bag of broken jewellery in a long time. Technically it was a vase filled with baubles, mostly unuseable. But beneath the Happy Meal Watches and Mardi Gras beads, some exciting finds were uncovered.

Gold filled Watch fob locket and Taxco Brooch

The little gold-filled fob locket is what caught my attention in the first place. It has a lovely engine-turned surface plus it still has it’s original glass frames on the inside. I also found this pre-1950 Mexican silver pinwheel pendant brooch. It is signed CB Sterling Taxco and is set with abalone and matrix turquoise. It was missing two shell and one turquoise section, so I reset it with with some stones I had lying around. The pinback has also been replaced and the safety mechanism is missing from the clasp, but it is still works.

Victorian Revival Repousse Pendant and gold ID bracelet
I also got a holloware, 1930s-era Victorian Revival Repoussé pendant. I’ve hung it from a sterling chain that was also in the bag, but I’ve done some research and originally it probably hung from a chain with glass bead stations. So I may try and restore it.

The final score was the broken medic alert ID bracelet. It’s the first bit of gold I’ve found in a long time. And although gold prices are not as high as they used to be, I shall probably scrap it rather than fix it up. My list of repair projects is too long already.