New York Art

Nick Debs and Gary Ponzo art

I was couch surfing in style at my friend Gary’s apartment. I love sleeping surrounded by beautiful arts! Pictured above is a big painting by Nick Debs, and smaller paintings and paper clip lights by Gary Ponzo.

Frank Ape street art

While I didn’t visit any museums or galleries on this trip, there was plenty of culture to take in wherever I went. Like these posters by artist Frank Ape that were plastered around town.

The Bumbys

And at the Q&Q launch, we were treated to some performance art by the Bumbys. “A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance” is a piece where the anonymous duo type out a
a fair and honest appraisal of one’s appearance. I did not stand in line for this as I had made a poor footwear choice. I wish I could see how that fashion choice would have been appraised.