Notes on Normcore

Star wars crocs

I used to think Normcore — stylish folks adopting middle-of-the-road apparel like Crocs — was something that did not exist out of the world of fashion bloggers.

As mentioned in earlier posts, I did not pack well for trip to NYC. I optimistically chose clothes that would not keep me warm and I only brought a pair of Birkenstocks because I thought they would be comfy on the bus (but shredded my feet on a 24 block walk). On the morning that I left, I was sporting a fleece M.S. Chicheemaun jacket that I borrowed from my friend Nancy just to stay warm and dry, sweatpants, a $5 Old Navy t-short that I bought because I had run out of clean tops, a beanie to disguise my morning hair, and the aforementioned Birks paired with sweatsocks.

I thought I looked like a grandma. I hailed a cab and when I got in, the driver asked me if I was going to a photoshoot. Because I looked like a fashion person. This is how normal Normcore is.