Sidewalk Finds — Culture Edition


The combination of fine spring weather, other people’s spring cleaning and being broke has resulted in a lot of pounding the pavement for yours truly. Fortunately, this gives me more opportunity to score delightful things that have been left on the sidewalk, such as the collection of very 1990s CDs. While I think I have seen all of these bands except for Air, we did not have these titles in our collection.

roughing it in the bush

Also found a copy of the Canadian classic Roughing it in the Bush by Susannah Moodie. I don’t know how I escaped reading it before now, but I intend to make it my Victoria Day amusement.

found painting

And finally, I found an art — a kitschy lithograph that I brought home for the frame. I have been working on some acrylic landscape paintings and this frame would suit them quite nicely (will share when they are ready).