Midweek Modness: The Corrections

guy vidal pendant
A few weeks ago I received this note in the comments section of an old post:

Where did all these people on the web get my name as Gilles?
My name is Guy Vidal, but not Gilles.
I know for I am the one who made all these pieces of jewellery.

I was super excited to hear from this legend of Canadian design. I was also super mortified that I had made this error. This is what I wrote back:

Hello M. Vidal,

I found your comment on my blog and first let me say that it’s an honour to have this introduction. I wish it was under more pleasant circumstances — I am a longtime admirer of you work and am mortified that I had recorded your name incorrectly.

I also wanted to apologize for not getting back sooner. Your comment was on a post from a few years back and I did not see it right away.

I also wanted to do some research to answer your question: “Where did all these people on the web get my name as Gilles?” I think I have found the answer. There was an article published in Modern Silver magazine in 2003 which states your name as “Gilles.”

I have corrected the error on my website but will also make amends with a new blog post today. If you would like to talk about your story further, I would love to do an interview with you.

Again, a thousand apologies and thank you for setting the record straight!

I hope to hear from M. Vidal. I would love to learn more about his designs and what he is doing now!