Made In Occupied Japan Graduated Bead Bracelet

graduated bead bracelet

This is I think one of the first jewellery pieces that I made myself. I had purchased a bunch several stands of graduated beads at the Len’s Mill Store in Kitchener. They had a paper tag on them that said “Made In Occupied Japan,” which would date them as being made in between 1945 and April 25, 1952 (when the allied forces were literally occupying Japan).

The strands sat in a box for a long time after that. Then, one day when I was working at Images for the second time around, our fashion editor Roz brought in a vintage wrapped bracelet with graduated beads. It was beautiful. When I examined it, I realized “Hey, I could make this.” So I went to the bead store, bought some memory wire and started experimenting.

One second thought, I must have attempted to make jewellery before because I knew where the bead district was and that there was such a thing as memory wire. Oh well, this is the oldest surviving hand-made piece in my possession. It survives because I was quite pleased with the result.