Kitchener Walkabout

petsches Shoes

I was in Kitchener visiting the parents for the first time in a long time last Thursday and Friday. I walked downtown to pick up some things and as always had an interesting amble. Picture above, a table of $20 sensible shoes at Petsches — an old timey shoe shop on King Street. When I go back for my mom’s birthday next week I hope I have enough money that I can purchase a pair.

Don Miller Installation Kitchener

I saw many intriguing street scenes, including a man who had collected a whole bunch of goose feathers and was sticking them into fence posts. There is also an outdoor art thing going on called “It Should Always Be This Way” which is presented by Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area (CAFKA). The piece pictured above is of two abandoned house that have been painted black and white and shot through with oversized arrows. It is by Don Miller and it is called “Saturn and Cronus.”

bank of Nova Scotia Facade

I also snapped this shot of the facade of the Bank of Nova branch on King Street because I love it so and wish I could live in it.