etsy craft day diorama

Still exploring my creative side — not just with paintings but also some arts and crafts. Above is a diorama I made at the Etsy Craft Day party on June 6th. The theme was upcycling your photos and at the party that team Covet Garden attended, we made dioramas. I was pleased with my shadowbox of 1940s folks floating above a sylvan landscape with their glittery wings. It is now in Mr. Andrew’s collection of things that I made him.

wood burning wooden spoons

I’ve also been experimenting with wood burning on wooden spoons. Specifically, I am making them for niece Sarah’s house-warming present. She has a bit of a nautical theme going on for backyard. I am not fully pleased with the outcome, so I may just stick to stripes and dots. Or abandon the idea entirely and make rope coasters instead.

turquoise ring do over

And finally a little do over. I got this turquoise silver ring in a “jewellery surprise” tin a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale. But several stones had fallen out. So I filled in the missing spaces with some lapis blue Sugru. Visually, it works well enough from a distance.