Fixies: 1950s Jesus Taxco Fern Bypass Ring

bypass ring 1

I am slowly working through my to-do list of jewellery fixes. I’ve had this 1950s vintage repoussé fern ring for a little over a year. A recap: I bought it at a thrift shop. Like all repoussé pieces, it is hollow. It looked like some one tried to resize it too aggressively and, as a result, it split on the inside. Because it is a beautiful but not particularly valuable piece, I wanted to fix it up without spending too much money. So on my walks, I’m always on the lookout for an old-timey jewellery shop that advertises on-the-spot repairs. Many shops send repairs out, and the cost comes out of your pocket. On-the-spot means that there is a bench jeweller on the premises so that you’re cutting out the middleman.

One of the places that I’ve noted is Dang Jewellers in Parkdale. I stopped in to inquire about the cost and a man whom I presume is Mr. Dang said he could attach a piece of silver to the inside to cover the split and then smooth it out for $15. I was sold.

bypass ring 4

On the inside you can see the seams of the repair, but he carefully matched the shape of the design so that you cannot feel the fix when you wear it. Most importantly, the delicate repoussé work was not at all affected by the soldering.