Freebie Friday: Portrait of A Man In Glasses

found painting

The best thing about summer is being outside. Even if you’re just talking a stroll around the neighbourhood, it’s exciting because everybody else is out and about and interesting street scenes naturally emerge. Last week, f’rinstance, Mr. Andrew and I were just doing a promenade of Little Hipsterville and we noticed a pile of art supplies on the sidewalk. It looked like an artist was clearing out their studio. There were a lot of thrift shop paintings and old figure drawing studies — I guess the artist was hoarding them to reuse the frames and canvases. This study was in the pile of paintings put out on the curb.

I really am trying to declutter and it took all of my willpower to resist bringing the lot home. I was mostly strong, but this portrait fascinates me. There are parts that are really quite accomplished and parts that are — how do I put this — less successful. For example, I can’t tell if it’s of a young man, or a middle-aged lady — our friend Drew says, “It looks like Oscar Wilde and Allyce Beasley had a baby.”