Deep Blue, Sea

deco RGP ring

Some other thrifted finds from the weekend: Pictured above, an art deco, 10K rolled gold plate ring with a sapphire-coloured glass centre stone surrounded by marcasites. Very shabby (the stone is quite worn and most of the plate has disappeared), but still pretty.


Also got this starfish pendant for $2 at a yard sale on Saturday. It is marked silver, but I suspect that it is not. I suspect that the seller suspected this too, which is why she was selling it for $2 in the first place. Again, it is shiny and pretty and it makes for a fun, summery piece.

So $5 spent, but is it $5 wasted? These are fun, amusing pieces but I have so many jewels that chances are that I won’t wear them much. I must try and limit purchases to the truly amazing, I think. My new goal is to have a smaller but more exceptional collection of jewels.