Freebie Friday: Meriden B Silverplate Bowl

meridan bowl 3

Mr. Andrew and I were on a walkabout and found this cute bowl balanced on a fence post. It was pretty dark outside, so I could see that it had some hallmarks, I just couldn’t make them out. I had to know what it said, so I brought the bowl home with me.

Turns out to be and example of Edwardian silverplate by a company called Meridan from Connecticut before 1900. At various points in time, when the price of gold and silver was out of reach to the common citizen, silver plated objects were quite well made. Fancy shops like Birks and Bailey, Banks and Biddle made them. Your grandma probably treated her service as lovingly as if it were solid sterling.

There are many reasons why this little bowl is so charming: the simple embossed Arts and Crafts border; the rounded silhouette balanced on a small, footed base; heck, even the tarnish and plate loss add a certain elegance.

Of course, none of this translates into real value today.Thrift shops are saturated with silverplate nowadays. And this piece is in rough shape. It looks like someone had been using it as a planter or flower bowl so the inside is corroded. Come to think of it, it would look lovely with some ivy flowing out of it.