Summer Sale Season


It’s early July, which means all the shops are clearing out their summer stock to make way for fall arrivals. I went for a long walk on Sunday and most boutiques were offering markdowns of up to 70 percent off. I usually wait for this sale season to shop for summer clothes simply because summer has barely started so even if I had bought them two months ago, I would not have got much wear out of them. Of course waiting until July means running the risk of not being able to get what you want (or finding it in your size). And if you wait too long, all the summer stuff will be gone.

This is mostly public service. I am in right-sizing mode and am therefore buying new clothes is very low on my to-do list. I do, however, need an ensemble to wear to some summer weddings and was delighted to find a cute jersey halter dress and sheer, embroidered top at Old Navy for $8 and $9 respectively. I think they look pretty layered up and I can make it look more formal with the right shoes and accessories.