Hamilton Times Part 1: Hawk & Sparrow

hawk and sparow

As previously mentioned, I’ve been hanging out in Hamilton as Mr. Andrew was in a play at the Fringe Festival there. Hamilton has quite the growing art scene, and there are all kinds of neighbourhoods with cool vintage shops, galleries and neat places to eat. Now I’ve been a fan of exploring Hamilton for ages and got one of my greatest thrift find (a Rolex in a $10 bag of broken watches) at an antique shop on Locke Street. But this time round I found myself discovering the downtown core. And one of my favourite shops was a place called Hawk & Sparrow (pictured above).


This store really had my number. Everything in the place — from gorgeous silk scarves to the floaty bohemian tunics — appealed to my sensibility. In fact, I was so taken with the proprietor’s look (a floral H & M kimono worn over a tank top and skinny camo pants) that I was determined to recreate it. While they had no kimonos in my size at Hawk & Sparrow, I did find this Japanese print cotton robe at the Lansdowne Value Village.

I also loved the display — it made it so easy to picture how you could wear your fantastic new find. And there is a separate shop called The Eye of Faith housed in the basement.