Early Birthday Presents

HBC Sochi Duffel Coat

My sister and I were born only 10 1/2 months apart. So for a month and a half we are the same age. My sister’s birthday always falls during the most extreme post-holiday mark down period, so to celebrate our semi-twinniness, we always go on a shopping expedition to buy each other presents. We set a budget of $30 and try to buy as much sale stuff as we can.

This year we went to the Conestoga Mall in Kitchener. The first thing I saw was a red, point blanket duffel coat at the Bay. These coats were made to support the Canadian Olympic Team at Sochi in 2014. I really wanted one but waited too long for it to drop in price (I think it was originally almost $300). I waited too long and the coats disappeared out of the stores. But lo and behold, there it was in Kitchener. And on sale for like $80. Still far above my $30 limit, so I bought it for myself.

old navy floral print tunic

We proceeded onto Old Navy, where I got a cool, floral printed tunic for $10. I put the extra $2 toward my new coat fund. It’s a versatile dress for sure — here I am wearing it to the Interior Design Show opening night party (that’s my friend Sonya from Urban Moms looking amazing as always).

My sister, who doesn’t like to have her picture taken, got a new coat at Joe Fresh.