Freebie Friday: Helen Hardin Memorial Fund Poster

Helen Hardin Memorial Fund Poster

I’ve been spending a lot of time in basement thawing out frozen pipes. When I was down there, I found this framed poster for Helen Hardin Memorial Fund. And when I say found, I mean I have no idea how it ended up in my house. I have no recollection of buying it or even finding it on the sidewalk (although that would be the most likely explanation).

Hardin was a prominent New Mexican painter — her mother was the famous Santa Clara Pueblo artist Pablita Velarde and her father was a white police officer named Herbert Hardin (another mixie!). Although her artwork had toes to traditional motifs, Hardin was more interested in exploring what it meant to be an American Indian in modern America. Her style is heavily abstracted and strongly geometric. This poster shows her best known work, The Woman Series: Changing Woman, Medicine Woman, and Listening Woman (1981-1984). Sadly, Hardin died in 1984.

I’m happy to have rediscovered this poster.