Champions: Céline Macadam Cross Body Bag

minou and celine

Cats are so elegant. Especially when they snuggle up to one’s Céline Macadam handbag — one of my favourite thrift shop finds.

I like cross body bags because I don’t have the broadest of shoulders on which to balance a hobo bag. I also prefer to operate hands-free, so clutches and such aren’t really my bag (though I have plenty of them, they just don’t ever work as my everyday purse). I also like this bag because it’s big enough to carry the essentials, but its small enough that I can still find my key and wallet without having to fish around for hours.

But the main way in which this purse has proved invaluable is that it’s handy to have some label whoredom going on when one has to attend upscale events. When I was younger and cuter, I’ll admit that my look (ethnically ambiguous and punk rock) helped me navigate between social spheres. Now it helps to have a few chic signifiers to keep the guardians of the gates from asking me if I’m in the right place. I mean, it sucks that people do that in the first place but I feel like as a writer, it’s my job to be able to move discreetly between worlds and If a handbag can help, then so be it!

P.S. The model here is my friend Jessica’s cat, Minou.