Moth Off

moth paper

As you know, i love all of nature’s creations except for moths. I hate them. One of the advantages of this past winter’s extreme cold conditions was that I was able to take my wool things outside to freeze off any larvae (a good freeze followed by a brushing, beating and in some cases a vacuuming). The next step is to prevent future moth invasions.

I hope my attempts at downsizing will discourage these winged villains (clutter encourages them). I also have the old standbys of cedar and pheromone traps at the ready. But I’ve also added a new soldier — Moth paper, a gift from a friend of a friend. She has quite the collection of vintage to modern designer clothes and she swears by Mottenschutz strips from Germany. I’ve hung them up and am happy to report that they are odorless and they take up very little room. It’s too soon to say of they work or not. I have spotted a few moths this week. I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather or not. I just hope they keep flying out of my house!

I’m going to Germany again next week, so I’ll stock up on more.