I Found An Art: Beth Halstead Landscape

beth halstead landscape painting

So I was at the Sally Ann last week. I came across this little landscape painting. I was attracted to its saturated colours and loose painterly style. It was also priced at $2 so I had to bring it home. It is signed on the back with two marks: one reads INGRID in block letters the other is a stamp that says BETHHALSTEAD.COM. Beth Halstead is a decorative painter here in Toronto. I could not find any examples of her artwork that looked anything like this.

I thought about sending an email to find out who painted this charming scene, but then I was worried that an artist of Halstead’s reputation might be offended that her artwork had ended up in a thrift shop. Maybe it was a gift to INGRID and would cause a rift in their relationship. Or maybe INGRID is the artist and maybe Beth Halstead had commissioned it for an interior design project and the homeowners had decided to do away with it.

Maybe I over think things.