Basement Treasure


The race to get the house cleaned up and cleared our before we list is accelerated over the weekend. And while I think I’ve become a remorseless purging machine still find myself occasionally slowed down by nostalgia. For example, this is our childhood seal sitting on my baby blanket. As I have mentioned before, my grandmother was a cook on the sealings in Labrador. She still had relatives in the business when I was a kid (though I reckon this was probably purchased at a souvenir shop in St. John’s).

haudenosaunee Mask Dancer

The seal was in a box that my nephew left behind when he moved out. It was mostly things that my parents had given him over the years but there were a couple of cool things that I’d never seen before including this Haudenosaunee corn husk doll (above) and this cool amethyst crystal (below). As you can see, there’s also lots and lots of dust — another byproduct of moving.

amethyst crystal