Garbage Purse

garbage purse

Late last night, after a very long day of painting and purging in prep for selling the house, Mr. Andrew and I went to Chinatown to get some food and have a little break. Because I am in packing mode, I am always scouring the sidewalks for packing boxes. I spotted a stack of small boxes (good for cutlery) and spotted a small carving of a bird so I had to investigate. At the same time, a man came put of a storefront also making a beeline for the bird. He pointed at a shape in the pack and said “Take that. It’s good. Probably stolen.”

And there was a perfectly good but perfectly illegal Louis Vuitton knock off. It’s a very good fake — all leather, sturdily made with brass hardware and everything. It’s just that I don’t think Louis Vuitton ever made a bag like this.

I know I keep saying how much I hate fakes, but I also hate waste so I took it (after all the man told me too). I can make it less fake by somehow taking off or covering up the monograms.