Scary Monsters

Halloween is every day for me. And while my tickle trunk is overflowing with costumes, I still indulge in some housewares. Like these skull-shaped rocks glasses I found Dollarama. I bought four—two blue, two orange. I like their irridescent finish. I’ve heard rumours that Egg Nog is already turning up in stores. I spent a couple of hours visiting supermarkets in search of the stuff, hoping to mix it up with some rum in these tumblers.

This skull sack also comes from the Dollarama. It is very cheap and flimsy but i hope I can reinforce the metallic material so that I can turn it into an everyday purse.

The last piece (but certainly not the last) from my trip to Dollarama is this creepy cockroach statement necklace. Now I just need to come up with occasions to wear it. Time to normalize dressing up.