New York Moments

breguet watches

Was in New York City last week, visiting friends and taking in all the wonders. Today I am exhausted from all the travelling. Plus I have that post-holiday catching up on emails and work thing going on. So Here are a few quick watch and jewellery snaps from my adventures.

During the days when my friends were at work, I visited a bunch of watch boutiques including Audemars Piguet, F.P. Journe and Breguet where it was Tourbillon Day — the anniversary of the tourbillon’s invention. So many beautiful watches (see above) and plenty of champagne and cake.

Jessica Allison earrings

I also ventured out to Jersey City to have dinner with my pals Chris and Nika. I loved it there! We visited a little thrift shop that also sold locally made jewels. I fell in love with these studs by Jessica Alison. I didn’t have the funds to buy them then and there, Jessica Allison has an Etsy shop so as soon as all of this moving business is settled I will pick up a pair.

brutalist bangle

On Saturday, I hit the thrift shops and flea markets of Chelsea, where I picked up this odd bangle. It’s like a brass plated cast copper with a brutalist style and it looks to have some small computer chip-type thing embedded in it. I’ve tried to investigate but no dice.