Alfonso Castillo Orta Tree Of Life Candelabra

candelabra 1

I found this stunning candelabra at the Value Village a week ago. I fell in love with its colour and composition immediately. And even though it is damaged, I had to bring it home.

It took me a while to research it but basically this piece is an example of a Tree of Life from Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla, Mexico. Originally these folk art pieces mainly depicted Adam and Eve and where made to be given as wedding presents. In the 1920s, a potter named Aurelio Flores began crafting more intricate candelabras and incense burners. Themes expanded to include other religious stories, historic moments and Mexican culture. The Flores family continued to create these pieces along with a ceramicist Alfonso Castillo Orta, who added more colourful glazes to the candelabras.Astillo Orta died in 2009, but his family still produces pottery.

candelabra 3

I’m super excited because this piece signed by Castillo himself. Unfortunately the head of the serpent has snapped off.

Now the question is, repair the snake or leave it as is.