Pearl River Soho

chopstick holder

One of the things I love most about New York City is that it is ever-changing. Which means every time I visit, there are new things to discover. But sometimes I get nostalgic for things that have disappeared. For example, the first time I visited New York on an art school trip in 1986, our profs took us to visit their old haunts from the 1960s and ’70s. They loved the galleries in Chelsea, the jazz clubs in the Village and the cheap shops in SoHo. Of course the galleries had already moved out of Chelsea and us kids preferred the Punk Rock scene in the Bowery, but we found common ground at places like the Pearl Paint Company and Pearl River Mart.

Pearl River Mart is the last of those old haunts still standing, but it is scheduled to close down this year. While it may live on as an online entity, there’s nothing like poking around a brick and mortar store that’s filled with so many baubles. I paid a visit to get one last cheap tchotchke — this porcelain chopstick holder.

Thank you Pearl River for providing me with almost 30 years of shopping delight!