My Julie Moon Story

Julie Moon

When Mr. Andrew and I got married, my parents asked us what we wanted as a present. We said we wanted a piece by the ceramicist Julie Moon. My mom said to buy what we wanted (within reason) and then send them the bill.

We got married in June. The gallery pieces that were available were probably not in the ‘rents’ price range, so I waited until the Toronto Outdoor Art Show that September, but she wasn’t there. In the intervening seven years, the price of Moon’s pieces have kept climbing up so no matter how I saved, what I wanted was just out of my reach.

Then, on Wednesday (after visiting my parents for their anniversary), I found this irresistable bud vase at the Value Village. Although it’s unsigned, it sure looked like a Julie Moon to me. I put a picture of it up on my instagram account and the feedback seemed to indicate that it is indeed a Julie Moon.

So thanks for the wedding present Mom and Dad, you owe me $3.