Midweek Modness: Alvar Aalto Double Shot

Aalto Savoy dish

Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898 – 1976) was one of the first 20th Century designers that I always admired — I mean, I grew up around Scandinavian Modern objects, but I didn’t know the names of the makers or the history behind them. Yet although I’ve always wanted an Aalto, I’ve never owned one.

Until this past Sunday. And now I have two.

I was headed downtown to meet Mr. Andrew at work. There was a yard sale down the street where I immediately spotted two Inuit seal sculptures (more on those next week). When I went to pay, I noticed this wee glass bowl from Alto’s Savoy collection for Iitalla. This design first appeared as a vase in 1936.

aalto stool 2

Pleased with my purchases, I went to the studio Mr. Andrew is using to cut footage together for the PanAm Games. Although I have visited it before, I only just noticed that sitting on the corner was a kinda beat up Alvar Aalto for Artek Stool 60 sitting in the corner. It was particularly charming because it still had the sticker from the shop it was purchased from, Karelia on Front Street. I joked to Andrew that he should ask the photographer he is renting from if he wanted to trade for it.

Aalto Stool karelia label

And guess what, he did. So now we have two Aaltos. And because we traded for our portable air conditioner that was taking up a lot of room (and because we don’t really need it in the new place) we are using up less space.