Freebie Friday: Sidewalk Haul

Robert Clergerie Oxfords

First of all, I know I said that I’d sworn off wearing second-hand shoes, but I am too weak to say no to a free pair of Robert Clergerie oxfords. And sure they are a little tight, but there’s a shoemaker at the top of our street and I’m certain they can be stretched out. And I guess they are not really free when you consider that I’ll have to pay to have them stretched, but considering that these shoes would have cost a at least a couple hundred bucks new, I am comfortable with that.

freebie books

Here’s how I came to possess these beauties. I saw a curb alert for art books on Craigslist yesterday. It was only a couple of blocks away so I thought that I would use the pretense of taking my daily walk as an excuse to see if there was anything good. I grabbed a bunch of books (pictured above) and a pretty paisley scarf in which to wrap them up to carry them (pictured below). Then the lister came out with more stuff, including the shoes.

freebie scarf

Shoes, books and scarves. THree of my problem areas. I think that I’ll try and sell the books to offset the cost of the show stretching.