Yard Sale Chic

party dress
While my plan to not purchase things in October is still in effect, I’m still catching up on documenting the last of the summer yard sale finds. I’m going to froup different treasures into categories to organize. First off, Fashions!

I’ll start with this pretty coral party frock that I got at a neighbour’s yard sale in September. I bought three things from her: this dress and it’s duplicate in black and a hand-embroidered cardigan labelled Chevignon Genuine Hopi.All total, this wardrobe cost me $6.

hopi cardigan 1

And even earlier in September, I picked up this First Down Puffer Jacket. Back in the 1990s, a kid could get jumped for a jacket like this. Biggie Smalls used to wear one. I reckon it will come in handy on those extremely cold days when I’m visiting my parents and I have to wait forever for the bus to come.

First Down Bubble Jacket