Freebie Friday: Dives

Market and feather baskets

God knows I love finding free stuff, but I generally limit myself to scouring the sidewalks for things in boxes that are clearly marked “free.” I haven’t done a lot of dumpster diving in my life time because it feels like it kinda crosses the line into trespassing territory and because I think I’ll see something neat, reachnoutbforbit and find out that it’s attached to a severed arm.

Last week I broke my no diving rule not once but twice. First, I retrieved a pair of baskets from a tip in Little Italy. It wasn’t dumpster diving in the strictest sense because I saw the construction worker toss them in and then I asked if I could have them.

I have been on the hunt for baskets for the new space to help organize collections (specifically to keep our various musical instruments accessible). The market tote is perfect for this purpose. I also spent some time researching the covered basket. It is spoke woven with a captured (attached) lid and I believe it is called a feather basket because the design was originally used to collect feathers for stuffing pillows.


The bin also contained a fabric cover thingy. It’s signed Schwartz and Liebman on the selvedge. I’m g a bed it because I liked the Southwestern-inspired designs.


And finally, I was walking past a dumpster in my hood and I saw a bunch of frames piled on top. I’m always on the lookout for frames because I have a bunch of loose prints and posters that want to be displayed. Upon closer inspection, most of the frames were trashed. Except for this one. And then I sort of fell in love with the artwork that was already in it.

This is just a detail, but it’s a good-sized children’s drawing do be with a wax resist technique. There’s also at little label in Spanish that says it was made by José, aged 7, for Funarte, an organization in Esteril, Nicaragua that teaches mural making to at risk youth to promote peace, gender equality and social justice.