Midweek Modness: Craigslist Collections

mid century dresser

As part of our downsizing exercise, we got rid of a lot of furniture. While we had to take our third-hand couch and bed to the dump because they were frankly worn out, we tried to discard of things in the most environmentally and socially conscious ways we could. We donated wardrobes and shelving and filing cabinets to Habitat for Humanity. We sold chairs and tables through Facebook and Yard Sales. We left some things like our old but still working TV out on the sidewalk. But mostly we tried to reuse as much of our stuff as possible. But sometimes things just don’t fit.

So we knew we would need a new couch, a new bed and a new TV. One of the residents of our co-op sold us her like-new flat screen for $50. We bought a Malm with underbed storage from Ikea and a mattress from an online outfit called Casper.

As for the rest of the bedroom, I had intended to use the credenza and dresser we had in our old place. I had a plan based on a picture that I saw on Pinterest of placing the two side-by-side along our north facing wall because that’s where the window is and you couldn’t really place any tall furniture there. In theory, it was a solid concept. The problem was that the dresser and the credenza were two different heights. And a credenza is maybe not the most efficient way to store clothes and linens.

So I took to scouring Craigslist to search for a replacement sofa and a new, long chest of drawers. We found the couch that we affectionately call the purple people eater (see below) first. Mr Andrew’s couch requirements were that it be long enough for him to stretch out fully. While I never envisioned owning a purple couch, it ended up matching beautifully with the dark wood floors and the crazy, colourful rugs and things. I reckon it’s from the 1960s or 1970s. The woman who sold it to us was a collector and part-time dealer, so we also had fun checking out her furniture. It’s not signed as far as I can tell, but it is solidly built and super comfy. UPDATE: I found a tag on the underside of the couch. It says R. Huber Furniture, Toronto. It also says that it is compliance with the 1968 materials act, so we know that it can’t be older than 48 years.

Once the sofa was in place, we realized we needed some comfy chairs to complete the conversation area, which is how we came to acquire the Farstrup chairs that I wrote about last week.

Craigslist couch and chairs

The dresser is not as fancy (it’s marked “Made In Taiwan”), but it sort of looks like the little credenza we got earlier (and I plan to paint it so that it’s even more of a match). But size-wise it’s perfect. It has nine drawers which hold everything that was in the big credenza and old dresser and then some. It’s also great for displaying other collections, like my wooden heads.

And to complete the circle of life, I’ll be listing the dresser and credenza on Craigslist.