Important Findings

Just a few random things I’ve found on my rambles, recent visits to thrift shops and trips to dusty old convenience stores. Perhaps the greatest score was this Marimekko x Uniqlo bucket hat that I found on the sidewalk. It’s from the most recent collaboration and was one of the few things I wanted to buy but it was sold out before I had the chance.

I picked up another Marimekko x Uniqlo piece at the Value Village along with this Anthropologie Poets Blouse.

I stopped in at Pandemonium books and records up the street to support local business now that they are reopened. Bought this cool goth take on the classic CBC exploding pizza logo.

And in another nod to Classic Canadian design, I bought this No Name water bottle.

Found these summery hair clips at the weird local hardware store where I also got my NOS Gitano jeans. They also serve as a souvenir of Zellers, a low end department store that went under about 10 years ago (must fact check that).

And finally, I found this glass bead necklace in a bag of old receipts when I was clearing out paperwork from old tax returns.