Fall Fashions

lemaire x uniqlo

As I mentioned, I was in NYC. I experienced a few firsts, such as going to Coney Island to commune with the Atlantic. And I did a bit of shopping. I was hoping to get a few pieces from the Lemaire x Uniqlo collaboration. The mission was a success. Christophe Lemaire until recently was Hermès’ designer and I love the simplicity of his knits and his palette. I purchased a black cashmere blend sweater, an ivory knit skirt and a white blouse (pictured above). I wish I could go back and get the same skirt in green, but considering it’s supposed to be a no-shopping month, I couldn’t justify it.

old navy culottes

I also picked up a pair of checked culottes and a way-to-big striped shirt in the clearance section of the Old Navy on 34th. These pants are so comfy! The top looks a lot better on than in this picture. I’ve worn it with a black cardigan but I have a few pullovers (like the Lemaire one) that also look very nice with this ensemble.

Basquiat Uniqlo Spryz

And finally I bought a Jean-Michel Basquiat! Okay, It’s a t-shirt. I went to the Uniqlo store by the MoMA to see if they had any cool artist garments as there are always amazing things online. This shirt was priced at $2.90 and I dig it’s design and swingy silhouette. There was a pile of them and an older gentleman kept trying them on, even though they were women’s shirts. I guess at such a bargain price, he was hoping that one of the tees on the shelf might be a different cut. His wife was face-palming the whole time.