Halloweek: Korean Otter Sheet Mask

imageI’ve been hearing a lot about Korean skincare products lately. I fact, my friend Sonya had mentioned Korean Sheet Mask facials in a post on Facebook yesterday morning. By comparison coincidence, I found myself in Willowdale’s Korea town yesterday afternoon, where I spotted these adorable animal face facials. I decided it was kismet and bought an otter and a tiger.

imageThese masks are made of paper that been impregnated with various emollients. The otter mask was designed to restore hydration. It certainly felt cool and refreshing on my face. After about 15 minutes, I removed and patted the remaining mixture into my skin (the instructions said not to rinse it off). My skin felt very soft afterward, though I could still feel residue from the mask.

Still, it’s good to know that if the other ten costumes I have planned for Saturday fall through, I can always try out the other mask and go trick or treating as a paper tiger.


And speaking of Kawaii Korean skincare, this seems as good a time as any to give a shout out to this TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk that I got in New York. It smells like European banana-flavoured candies and it has been doing a decent job of keeping my hands looking less like the Crypt Keeper’s.