Midweek Modness: Frankenstein’s Necklace


I might as well admit it right now. My austerity October experiment was a bit of a failure. In fact, I bought a lot of stuff. Some of it could be described as my most amazing finds ever. I’ll write about these amazing discoveries in depth next week, but I thought I’d share one piece here today.

i got this brutalist beauty at the CAFTCAD Show and Sale the weekend before last. I had a similar necklace once, but had to sell it when I was super broke. Off the top, I knew that the chain was not original. The middle part is exactly like my old neckpiece. The bottom piece is pure (but unsigned) Pentti Sarpeneva.

My feeling is that it is probably a franken necklace — a piece that’s been stitched together using different elements from different pieces of jewelry. And I’m cool with that. I frequent upcycle broken bits of things rather than tossing them away. And the dealer in no way represented the necklace as anything fancy. And so far the necklace has gotten a lot of attention. One woman physically grabbed me on the street to tell me how beautiful it was.

I’m not cool with people grabbing me on the street.