Halloweek: Diabolical Dollarama Disguises

halloween skirt

I have a love/hate relationship with Dollarama (it’s cheap stuff that I don;t need and it’s cheap because someone, somewhere in the production chain is probably being exploited). But come Halloween, I can’t help but be bewitched by it’s freaky fashions and accessories. Here are some of my favourite finds this year.

Pictured above is a skirt I made out of kiddie capes printed with metallic spiderwebs. I was inspired by this picture of stylist Linda Rodin from Vogue and this pin from Pinterest.

dollarama devil glasses

I also picked up a couple of pairs of novelty spectacles. I must say that I am super fond of the googly eye glasses in particular.

dollarama googly glasses

dollarama Halloween

And finally, a kitty cat hat that pulls down over your eyes to become a mask.