State of the Art Part 1: Painting

art stacks

The art collection is starting to creep up in numbers again. It’s partially because I have discovered the art of stacking art. Even though we have limited all space, I can just lean pictures against one another in a rotating display.

Here are some painting finds from the last two months.There are so many that I’ll have to include the sculpture and prints in a separate post.

bertalan landscape 1

An oil landscape painting signed Bertalan.

carmen 1

A kitschy print called “Carmen” and signed Barbara Weber. It was out on the sidewalk and I saved it from the rain.

steps to paris

Here’s thrift shop find signed Sam ’05 with the inscription “Steps to France” written on the back.


Here’s a tiny streetscape. It’s oil painting on cardboard and depicts what looks like a French city scene.

stan painting

And finally, an acrylic landscape by my mother-in-law’s companion Stanley Westall. Stan recently died and we are honoured that Valerie and Stan’s kids let us have one of his paintings. This one is titled “After Carmichael.”