Auction Results


I went to the Jewellery Auction at Waddington’s last Wednesday and was finally able to score a nice, big lot of bijoux (my nemesis Captain Sweatshorts was not in attendance). I had fun sorting through the four bags of loot. Here are some of my favourite discoveries.

Above, a freeform bracelet set with a tumbled amethyst and signed “COVENTRY” (as in Sarah Covebtry) as well as a huge ring depicting the winged man bull of ancient Assyria, Lamassu.

Sterling shell cameo earrings

These cameo earrings are actually a marriage. There was a pair of sterling earrings set with plastic cameos and costume earrings set with handcarved shell cameos. So I switched the shells into the sterling mounts.

Mickey Mouse articulated pendant

I think this off-brand Mickey Mouse is Native American made based on hallmarks, etc. But I’m not 100 percent sure. I do know it was meant to be set with marcasites or another tiny stone because I found an almost identical stick pin on eBay.

Honey Amber pendant

Honey Amber pendant

And I think the bale on this honey amber pendant is gold. I need to invest in some metal testing equipment.

white gold

Speaking of testing, this flexible bracelet has the mark of Giovanni Bovo, a jewelry exporter in Tressino, Vicenza, Italy. It is also marked 750, which is the assay for 18k gold in Italy. So if it tests gold, well that’s a happy little find.